1 Sept 2009

Me and My Plus One

Dear friends,

Hello and welcome!

Here’s to another food blog - some might sigh - as if those contagious web narratives hadn’t already clogged up the digestive system of the internet in one massive spaghetti junction overload! Be prepared for the shaky photoshoots, dodgy kiss-and-tells from the godfather of Thermidor lobsters, Sidari’s best-kept moussaka secret, or doom by molten marshmallow! So then Nat, what are you aiming to achieve that has not yet been achieved, hmm?

Point taken… How can my rather prosaic culinary experience contribute a difference to the already excellent standard out there? I decided from the outset that it was best to leave the compilations of recipes and cordon bleu wisdom to the professional chefs, proficient home cooks and prolific food bloggers and food stylists. I respect all those food enthusiasts who practice what they preach on a full-on full-time mode, whereas I, a foodie too but neither a technologist nor a supremo, exert a more casual, less regimented, approach to the subject.

Despite its emphasis on food, my blog is likely to focus more on lifestyle than cooking, going beyond the recipe vernacular to offer more of a bird’s-eye view on all things food. However indeed some of my tried-and-trusted recipes will be included for good measure, as I do enjoy cooking, simple fuss-free dishes.

Time is precious, so let’s make sure we enjoy every moment. Let’s take life as it should be taken, unhurriedly, and savour its little pleasures: a glimpse of sunshine through the window, a beautiful cup of your favourite tea or coffee, a conversation with your closest and dearest, a new flower in your garden. Enjoy the moment! And I hope you will enjoy your time with me.

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