25 Sept 2013

Product Review - Weleda Sage Deodorant

I wanted to write a review about this deo as soon as I came across it a couple of months ago, because it is in line with my quest for a simpler back-to-basics chemical-free life and fits right with the less-is-more kind life mantra. Chemical deos have had bad press in recent years as research has demonstrated their possible link to breast cancer, so if like I, you are getting increasingly weary of the chemicals you put into your body, then you are gonna make friends with this deo! 

It wouldn't be an overstatement for me to say (and I bet this applies to you too) that since my teenage years, I've used every deo under the sun, from the cheap run-off-the-mill supermarket products to the pricey packaged-up designer fragrance house labels, via French pharmacy niche brands. Deployed in all sorts of formats too: roll-on applicator, aerosol/ non-aerosol spray, or solid. From the gentle to the “anti-white marks” (did those work for you btw, cos they didn't for me?), via the aluminium-based (i.e. anti-perspirant) and aluminium chloride hexahydrate perspiration blockers that relieve hyperhidrosis, i.e. excessive perspiration (Driclor Solution). Some more natural, plant-based deos, some a pure chemical-based Molotov cocktail backed up by a flurry of technological-sounding ingredients and far-fetched advertising! Meanwhile in my quest for armpit perfection I'd even flirted with the idea of having botox injections in them in order to stop sweating altogether! What a health hazard this would have been! 

First things first. Perspiration is a natural process and shouln't be tampered with. Therefore perspiration blockers may be effective (in the sense of successfully combatting perspiration), yet they are not health-friendly, as we humans do need to sweat in order to regulate the temperature in our bodies, and to release toxins from our system. I only used perspiration blockers briefly, and circumspectly, until my sweat glands became painful to the touch and then I stopped it. Meanwhile none of the other deos did the trick for me. At work I suffered from stress-induced cold sweating, with sweat trickling down my underarms (no matter the weather and time of year), and this in turn triggered an odour which daily showers, lashings of shower gel, monthly salon waxing, constant deo top-ups throughout the day, and cutting down on spicy foods, didn't eradicate – or at least minimise. This undermined my confidence

Then I did two things. I left my deo at home cos I felt that the more I used it during the day, the worst it got. And I embarked upon permanent underarm hair removal sessions. The sweat was no longer trapped around hair follicles and it seemed to me that sweat became less “pungent”, shall we say, as bacteria that causes odour was no longer trapped in those now destroyed hair follicles. This alone increased my confidence. 

I carried on using my usual supermarket brands until that day I went round one of those parapharmacy stores in France and came across the Weleda Sage Deodorant, described as "neutralizing herbal fragrance with pure essential oils". Weleda is a reputed company established in Switzerland and Germany in 1921 as a drugs manufacturer, and in France in 1924. That same year it launched a range of health supplements and skincare products. Since then Weleda has been promoting its no-nonsense natural plant-based offering. I remember my mum buying their sun protection products, and vitamin-rich food supplements that would give us kids a kick in the morning. 

Until recently, I'd been of the opinion that plants are not as efficient as chemicals, and plant-based deos left me perplexed. But now I knew for sure that chemical deos were dangerous and that most didn't work. When I tried Weleda's deo, it completely changed my life! 

For starters we don't need a chemistry degree in order to work out the deo's ingredients list. Listen to this: Alcohol, Water (Aqua), Fragrance (Parfum)*, Salvia Officinalis (Sage) Oil, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil, Ammonium Glycyrrhizate (Licorice Root), Limonene* (Fragrance from natural essential oils), Linalool* (Fragrance from natural essential oils), Geraniol* (Fragrance from natural essential oils), Coumarin* (Fragrance from natural essential oils). By the way, do check out Weleda's fabulously illustrated ingredients database.

The smell is fresh, clean, crisp and tonic. Not the kind of adjectives we would use describing those supermarket sprays! The deo is presented in a see-through glass bottle with reusable spray and packaged up in a carton box. I would recommend to either keep the spray in its box or in the bathroom cabinet as direct light might alter essential oils. 

I still sweat, but as we know, sweat is a natural process that needs to be allowed to happen. What I've noticed though is that the astringent properties of sage and tea tree leaf oil + the other essential oils purify (disinfect) the skin and neutralise the smell by a comfortable 85%, I reckon. Much more effectively than your chemical deos out there that get your sweat glands in overdrive!

The Weleda deo is also available as Wild Rose Deodorant (for a floral note) and Citrus Deodorant (for a fresh note). 

  • Unisex deodorant
  • Fresh pleasant smell
  • Non-aerosol spray
  • No chemicals including no parabens, preservatives, stabilisers, colourings, or aluminium salts
  • Doesn't stain clothing and no caking effect on fabrics
  • No powdery marks on skin
  • Economical as a little goes a long way (about 4 months' use out of a 100ml spray)
  • Although more pricey (RRP US$14.00) than an average deo, it isn't as pricey as you would expect from a niche brand!
  • Reputable brand and honest product
  • Simple yet not naff packaging
  • Weleda brand products may not be widely available round the high street, but you can order online! Check out Weleda (USA) and Weleda (UK) for details.

15 Sept 2013

Inspire Aspire - Keep Going No Matter What!

Are you (or do you know) a blogger from the dark side? A blogger from the dark side has already clocked some mileage with their blog - via a somewhat hopeful/ hopeless relationship that's spun longer than a couple of yards (ooops I meant 'years'!) and 200+ posts, and you check your visit stats and they're not good, and the tracker indicates that your friends don't even bother with your blog anyway (yeah you lot, you are busted and thanks for your vote of confidence!), and if we are to believe that shameful barometer of success like Google Friend Connect  or your Facebook page to be testament to popularity and yours cries out 'Wallflower' and 'No-one Gives a Fig About My Talent!', then maybe oh maybe you need...
  1. To rid of said tracking devices altogether
  2. To stop checking those stats (life is indeed easier when we live in a state of blissful oblivion!)
  3. A reality check that is apt and to the point, in the form of an Albert Einstein quote... (Who else to instill a waff of intelligence, credibility and common sense into us, therefore with no risk of sounding airy-fairy!)
via Indulgy

Because frankly my dear, as much as you should never lower yourself and your self-esteem as to allow yourself to be jealous of any woman whoever she might be, you should never give up because success hasn't yet showed up on your doorstep. Patience, perseverance, resilience, self-belief and self-esteem will pay off eventually. Just that the audience who are interested in you haven't yet found out about you and discovered your talents! It's as simple as that. Because in this world, in business as in love, there is someone for everyone. Just that getting matched up may sometimes take some timely adjustment.

In our popularity-obsessed culture, it would be tempting to associate popularity with quality. Please don't! I know (and sure you must do too!) of a multitude of popular blogs that are actually mediocre in content and style! So whatever you do, don't give up! Because to give up would be to give that mediocrity out there even more power.

14 Sept 2013

Tickle My Fancy!

I am excited to update La Baguette with some new pictures of Tickle, my Jack Russell Terrier - and pet mascot - 'on location' and well settled into his new life as an islander (such a change from his origins as a Mancunian dog!). Tickle has also developed a love affair with the local beach and perfected that beach bum persona, while also flexing those leg muscles as my loyal walking companion down the coastal paths and mountain roads (or to the lighthouse with my brother). From those photos you wouldn't be wrong to assume that life feels like a permanent holiday for my canine friend, certainly a world apart from that ghetto fabulous suburbia lifestyle!

8 Sept 2013

Total Recall - LBM Features

Welcome to Total Recall Day 8! Just so you're aware if you are catching up with us, for the last week we have been rummaging through La Baguette's blog archive (270+ posts) at the pace of 5 posts a day organised around a theme previously covered. So far we have covered ethical food, free spiritedness, travel, love (yes!), media & comms, fashion & beauty, and product reviews. And we'll end our Total Recall today with features.

La Baguette digs typography! (pict source)

At La Baguette, we've run a few features since coming into existence four years ago. And here's our crème de la crème for your eyes only:
  • Inspire Aspire (Feb 2013 - ongoing) >> This feature is set to recur and expand, as I am exploring personal development topics in more depth, as part of a personal awareness that turned into a journey and then a lifestyle choice. I have big plans too, which I will unwrap to you guys in due time, so just stay tuned!
  • FRF - Five Random Faves (Jan - Mar 2012) >> Each month I raised awareness of 5 faves of mine, in terms of products/ services/ ideas/ campaigns, from a classic film like 'Lost in Translation' to Stella McCartney's Meat Free Monday, via The Elephant March, and more!
  • Month in Bloom (Feb - Sept 2011) >> Monthly feature with the local Corsican flora as the star of the show, in a what's in season kinda approach. The photos taken are a tiny sample of a vast plant image bank I have compiled over the last 3 years.
  • A Week-End Wonderweb (Nov 2010 - Mar 2011) >> Each week-end I dedicated a pictorial post to the best of web around a particular theme, anything from Typography to Winter Wonderland to Art Deco... It was a short and sweet yet highly visual article, and great fun for me to compile!
  • A Working Week of Spook (Late Oct 2010) >> If you want random, this is as random as it gets! A pre-Halloween taster packed-full with cinematographic references to some of the best horror movies ever made, matched by scary photo montages. I had fun like no other on Photoscape, experimenting on pictures I had taken, going low res and high saturation! Amateurish and low budget had never cut it so good!
And La Baguette is curious by nature! (pict via ProGood)

Going forward, new features will come into play in La Baguette, so make sure you don't miss out! In the meantime, that's it for our Total Recall feature. It's been an interesting journey of reminiscence, which I hope you enjoyed as much as I did!

Thanks for your loyalty to this blog and please don't hesitate to drop me a line! Comments, ideas, advice, suggestions, partnerships etc. are soooo welcome!

7 Sept 2013

Total Recall - Product Reviews

Wahoo almost there! And thanks for sticking with me, guys! For Total Recall Day 7, we'll have a blast with our product reviews. Now I am acutely aware that if I had chosen to religiously go down the (retail) product review road with this blog, day in day out, I would have made a killing in terms of online visibility, and I would have thousands of followers in the process! My blog's Google stats are pretty eloquent!

Sometimes in my thirst for fame I am tempted to go down that route well travelled and 'give them what they want', but I have way too many interesting personal things I wanna share with you for me to sell out to the well-oiled formula of blog success. I mean it's like having to choose between Walmart and the local deli, or between E.L. James (a.k.a. the author of Fifty Shades of Grey) and P.D. James (established crime novelist), or - come to think of it - between P.D. James and Agatha Christie. I choose to remain unwealthy - yet healthy - as the purveyor of intelligent food for thought for a lifestyle with attitude, rather than some supersize lifestyle fodder!

Tali and Ophira Edut a.k.a. The AstroTwins (pict source)
  • Fancy a Brazilian? (31/03/2013) >> I actually had a lot of fun (and pain!) writing this review! A light-hearted and tongue-in-cheek approach to the latest craze in town! Not for wallflowers or shrinking violets though!
  • March 2012 - FRF - The Vintage Tea Party Book (26/03/2012) >> I got a great Twitter accolade from Angel Adoree, the lady who wrote this delicious book that I purchased from Selfridges London. This made my review even more so special!
  • February 2012 - FRF - The AstroTwins (18/02/2012) >> This is a tribute to some of my favourite astrologers, twins Tali and Ophira Edut. Exposure to the article went stratospheric after I tweeted the link to the twins! A case of success gone viral, and above all for me promoting a great website by two passionate sisters!
  • Beauty Review - SkinCeuticals Serum 10 (24/03/2011) >> My best-seller of all times (in terms of page views that is!), and I am rather proud of my photographic prowess too, challenged by a basic digital camera and natural Winter light.
  • Fashion Review - Doc Martens (24/01/2011) >> In my early twenties, I got acquainted with a pair of Doc Martens shoes and these really defined my style as an undefinable woman: Doc Martens (associated with punks and goths) worn with cords (Seattle grungey) + a fitted beige raincoat (Kinda East Coast à la Reese Witherspoon) + vintage style flower shirts + an ever changing hairstyle from PJ Harvey to Courtney Love + 1960s style make-up... I mean everyone had reasons to feel confused about me, myself included!
That's it for now, but don't forget we've still got one day to go and we will have covered 40 great baguette posts! As always thanks for your support, and please do not hesitate to spread the baguette love to your friends and family! See ya tomorrow!

6 Sept 2013

Total Recall - Fashionesque

Welcome to Total Recall Day 6! Fashion (and beauty!) might not prompt to mind when you visit La Baguette, but really I do love fashion - maybe selectively. Take what's gonna last the distance (longer than one season!) in terms of quality, longevity and style. My fashion is a reflection of my lifestyle. I no longer work in offices, in fact I am based in the middle of nowhere and a mile away from the beach, so beach-friendly outfits are a must for me.

Also these days I wear more trousers/ pants than skirts/ dresses, but I make sure to go for timeless modern - and feminine - daywear pieces such as those featured on my Pinterest style board. I promise more fashion and beauty articles in here going forward, but for now let's see what selective is all about:

Stripe Tunic by J.Crew
  • Bare Face Summer Fresh (22/08/2013) >> The post was only written 'like' yesterday, but it features the sort of made-up beauty I am on about: the 'no make-up' make-up look that enhances your features in all the right places, perfect for day - and after hours! For the evening, just be bolder with the eyeliner and mascara and you're done.
  • FRF - Daisy by Marc Jacobs (11/01/2012) >> If you could bottle me into a fragrance, this is what I would be: floral, light-hearted, spirited, edgy, fun, youthful - and forever young! Ok enough patting on the back, Nat, haha! And... (I'm not finished yet!) Packaged into a delightful one-of-a-kind easily recognisable bottle. Wow, how unique is that!
  • Hot Summer Cool (05/07/2011) >> Despite being two years old, the fashion shoots look like they were taken this season! Smart casual pieces by Pain de Sucre, Little Marcel and Brax that are still relevant in 2013, genius!
  • Crème Fraîche de Nuxe (21/10/2010) >> Tomorrow on Total Recall Day 7 I will have the opportunity to revisit Product Reviews, but for now I couldn't help adding this fantastic face cream by Nuxe. It also happens to be a very popular post (one of my highest page views!), so I trust it deserves pride of place in here, don't ya?
  • A Taste for Design (21/11/2009) >> I have a thing for fancy jewellers Agatha, and their quirky pieces that beautifully accessorise an outfit without breaking the bank!
That's it for today, lovelies! Thanks for your visit and don't forget to be back here tomorrow for more Total Recall fun!

5 Sept 2013

Total Recall - Media Comms

Looking at our most recurrent blogpost themes, media & communications may not be a hot topic as such but it actually doesn't fare too bad... So I thought I would dig in deep and dig out some oldies but goldies for us to revisit on our Total Recall Day 5:

Do we still need to say who she is? (pict source)
  • Your Personal Brand Image (23/04/2013) >> It is wrong to assume that only public figures have a brand image to protect. So do we! And this is even more acutely so in the here and now, with social media galore that encourage us to go above and beyond the call of duty and dish out indiscretions about ourselves and members of our circles...
  • Inspire Aspire - Ladies Who Launch (11/02/2013) >> We all know how the internet is a formidable invention and how it has helped us connect to people the other side of the world we wouldn't otherwise have heard of in real time. Astrologer Kelley Rosano, business entrepreneur Jody Jelas and business lifecoach Marie Forleo are three of these wonderful people I got to discover, and have followed ever since on YouTube.
  • No Labels (04/09/2012) >> Language has gone sloppy, over the top and suddenly "everything is great!" Or is it - literally - that great? Come on click on the link - you know you want to - if only to feast your eyes on that Camaro SS!
  • Google Me, Google You! (07/03/2011) >> What's in a name? Better to take it with humour, eh?!
  • Dear Car Crash TV (12/01/2011) >> Oh I can hear the snidey remarks and all that slack from the more discerning TV audiences, and *huh* OK it's only cheap fly-on-the-wall entertainment verging on reality TV, but come on, we all crave fluff and sugary nosh (at least) once in a while, be it cos it's time of the month for us laydees (we need to take it easy on the brain then, don't we?), or cos that's simply all we want to feed upon (as we do with a whole tub of ice-cream or entire pack of biscuits)! So pass me the sugar, honey, and let's get that no-brainer of a programme on!
Thanks for sticking around, guys, and don't forget we're on Total Recall until this Sunday! See you tomorrow for episode 6 of 8!

4 Sept 2013

Total Recall - Love & Be-Love(d)

Can you believe we're already halfway through our Total Recall week? Time flies when we're having fun! Today, Day 4, comes on as a flutter: heart-shaped, light-hearted, sincere, heartfelt, footloose and fancy-free, handed over on a silver platter, elusive, or even downright unrequited and unwanted...

Blue Kite Photo Blog, via Flickr
Love is simple yet some of us make it complicated. It is only four letters long and it can feel heavy like 'hurt' and 'pain' and 'lack' and 'hate', but it's potent like a magic potion. Don't get me wrong, I adore 'love', but all too often the noble cause it represents may be misunderstood, misused, abused, and/ or taken for granted. Yet without love there is no I, there is no us. The lack of true sincere love is the ultimate heart disease in our self-centred, sexually-liberated, pleasure-seeking "package culture" modern societies. And it's time to remedy this:
  • Inspire Aspire - Be True to Romance (15/08/2013) >> No game playing here, this is an ode to love as it should be: pared-down, pure, sincere, honest. Coming from a place of honesty and trust, being in tune with your true self, realise that with truth of feeling and an open heart, you may conquer love and be conquered by it!
  • It's Complicated (03/09/2012) >> A slight variation on the above, or how in the name of self-preservation against potential rejection or emotional trauma, we hide behind excuses and pretence. Danger is that when we start lying to ourselves, we lie to the other person too.
  • Sweet Valentine (09/02/2012) >> There is a sweet and lovely ode to romance over at our sister blog, Mirabelle Design Inspiration and we couldn't resist it!
  • Lessons in Love (01/02/2012) >> Grass is greener, right? When you are single, you wish you were coupled up, and once you are coupled up, you wish you were single all over again... Hmmm!
  • Tickle, No Work and All Play (26/09/2010) >> Not just humans deserve a bit of love and affection, by the way. If you are familiar with La Baguette, you'll be aware of the fact that I have a pet mascot, yay!, by the name of Tickle the Jack Russell Terrier, a lovable bundle of joy! I promise to post new photos of Tickle in the next couple of weeks!
That's it for now, peeps, but I sure will see you again tomorrow for our 5th installment of Total Recall. Stay tuned!

P.S: Click the link for more lovely wedding and engagement photos from Blue Kite Photo.

3 Sept 2013

Total Recall - In a Travel State of Mind

On Day 3 of our Total Recall, I'm taking you down a physical journey that is akin to a personal journey, since I firmly believe that travel or living in another country for some time is an important component of personal development. And by travel, I rule out those expat lifestyles cut out from the reality of their host country, or those on luxury cruises who'll boast that - say - they know Singapore, purely because they were on an 8-hour stopover there. Travel is a state of mind, and you'll capture some of its essence in our following posts:

Zabriskie Point, Death Valley National Park, photo by twoGiraffe, via Flickr
  • Plan A (21/11/2012) >> OK, so I didn't stick to those 2013 travel plans that I had made at the back end of 2012, but maybe I wasn't quite emotionally ready for the big leap yet... In the meantime there is no harm in dreaming, and yes somehow the frustrated armchair traveller in me does realise that my personal fulfillment includes travel. I have no intention of spending the rest of my life in the place where I am currently living and, after a 16-year stint abroad, the appeal of foreign lands beckons more than ever!
  • An Acute Case of the Wanderlust (12/09/2012) >> From a young age I ambitioned to quit my small town life and hit the road less travelled to places as diverse as Guatemala, Brazil, Kenya and Bhutan. When the girls in my class were dreaming of a shopping city break in the preppy French seaside resort of Deauville, my lofty ambition was that one day I would get the opportunity to land upon the infinite sand stretches of Baja California, Mexico, and embrace its coastal biodiversity.
  • The (Late) Lowdown on London (05/09/2012) >> Welcome to my light-hearted travel guide to Central London in a few pointers and snapshots!
  • The American Soundtrack to My Life (28/08/2012) >> This post captures the essence of travel and free-spiritedness, via an American traveller I befriended in Corsica: venturing to places off the tourist radar, volunteering in environmental projects, staying in cheap hostels, living like the locals and befriending them, speaking their lingo - and leaving that travel guide on the bookshop shelf!
  • Ill-Fated Journeys (08/01/2012) >> Not all journeys in life are geographical, some are metaphorical, and as with geographical travel, they're not always mapped out as should be...
I am positive you will enjoy this little travel selection of mine, and don't forget to join me tomorrow for our Total Recall Day 4!

2 Sept 2013

Total Recall - Free & Spirited

All week we'll be picking one theme a day with five of our best blogposts to date related to that theme. For Day 2, here's a theme that is close to my heart, so much so that I have reasons to believe the pieces I wrote on free-spiritedness are the best I have ever written for La Baguette! Powerful stuff indeed that I can't wait to revisit with you:
  • Inspire Aspire - Vitamins for the Soul (17/04/2013) >> An interesting thought process with a little help from the universe in connecting with like-minded individuals (and we're talking mentor calibre here!)
  • Inspire Aspire - Live Life to the Full (22/03/2013) >> Sadly sometimes it takes the death of a young peer to get a cruel reality check on how precious life really is indeed.
  • Smells Like Free Spirit (26/10/2012) >> An epic of an article divided into no less than four sections, an ode to free-spiritedness through my hands-on personal account and experience.
  • The Laws of Attraction (03/10/2012) >> Free-spiritedness is a state of mind and in an attraction-based universe you will understand how crucial the laws of attraction are, as we attract what we give out!
  • Bohemian Like You (29/12/2011) >> Light-hearted and fun like S'mores over a camp fire! Who said free-spiritedness had to be heavy as stodge?
Enjoy the reads and see you back tomorrow for more delight!

Photo by Billy Dodson, via Africa Geographic

1 Sept 2013

Total Recall - Doing Good for Food

Starting today and until next Sunday, we're gonna have a little fun in here, and I've called this Total Recall! As La Baguette has clocked well over 270 blogposts since coming to life exactly four years ago back in Manchester, I thought it would be a cool idea to revisit 40 articles (at the pace of 5 a day, easy-peasy!), organised per theme.

We'll start off our trip down memory lane right now with 'Doing Good for Food': food ethics, organic produce, sustainability, farm animal welfare:
  • Honey, Please Bee Lovely! (25/03/2013) >> Of the importance of the bee and pollinisation, and how one UK company is doing its bit to raise awareness and help contain the decline of the bee population.
  • Sunny Side Up with Origami Hen! (30/06/2012) >> Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) commissioned a short animation film to raise awareness on the horrors of those cheap supermarket chicken eggs, and how 'cost-conscious' consumers really get what they pay for in one simple equation, i.e. cheap eggs = chickens treated cheaply.
  • Little House on the Prairie (27/06/2011) >> My first-hand personal foray into organic fruit and veg, via a work contract which I landed at a Corsican garden society, where ancient cultivated varieties are stabilised, preserved, cultivated and propagated, namely the highly sought-after Oignon Doux du Cap (the mild Sisco onion) and the Aubergine Ronde du Cap (a Firenze-originated round aubergine/ eggplant).
  • On and Off the Magic Milky Way (20/04/2011) >> Lost in the milky froth of our trendy cappuccinos and fluffy Italian ice-creams, it is easy for us to forget how the cow is the most overworked farm animal, pushed to yield even more milk while often being prevented from the joys of motherhood, and ending up as steaks on our plates. Maybe it is time to pay the animal more respect than we do...
  • My Organic Garden (19/10/2009) >> My modest contribution to the wordwide organic community, via my little suburban garden back in South Manchester.
I'm sure you'll enjoy the reads! And back in tomorrow for more, yay!

Let's Play the Stereo(type)!

True or false? Paris is the most romantic city in the world. - All Scots have red hair and freckles. - Germans have no sense of humour. - Russians drink vodka for breakfast. - Italians can cook. - Cowboys are the good guys and native Indians the villains. - It always rains in Seattle. - Brazilian girls look like Adriana Lima. - Rich people have no care in the world. - Indonesia will never run out of wood forests. - Nobody likes snakes. - (Huh, get the jist of it?)

To some degree and at least once in a while, we are guilty of turning a personal observation or a general perception of things, a flavour of the month, into an urban myth or universal statement of truth. Whether it be in private conversation behind closed doors or out in the media world at large (relayed mainly via the tabloid press, reality TV programmes, talk shows and fly-on-the-wall documentaries). We resort to the 'good old' cliché, cultivate the art of pigeonhole, attach stereotype labels to people, places and situations, be it willingly or as a slip of the tongue or in a bid to sound witty, cool and with it, with the risk of sarcasm taking over wit, to paraphrase wordsmith genius Oscar Wilde, as what might appear as innocent banter or good clean fun may not always be interpreted as such!

Generally though stereotypes are intended as a bit of an in-joke, sometimes loosely used as an ice-breaker at dinner parties to prompt a reaction. Bearing in mind that pushed to the limit, stereotypes have the power to be downright damaging - we get it!

On the lighter side of cyberlife, Yes But No encapsulates a few of those tongue-in-cheek statements. Gotta say I've had a field day going through them (!), and here's my 6 faves: