29 Dec 2011

Bohemian Like You

When you had every reason to give up on me after I went awol off the blog scene for 3 months, I resurface sheepishly, especially after churning out that last celebratory post, where I went blowing my own trumpet about clocking 200 posts to the counter... Thanks guys for hanging in there and giving La Baguette another go! I am most grateful.

Wild island in Tahiti, by Roving I, via Flickr

So you rightfully want to know what I have been up to for that last trimester, don't you? Feels like Autumn just passed us by and wahey the shortest Winter's day is also already behind us so we can look forward to another Summer of Love...

Meanwhile I have been living la vida loca, well as loca as you can get in this remote corner of Europe... I have made friends (Isa, Coco, Lili, Ben, this is for you!), attended a festival, danced the night away on a sandy beach, got sloshed on caramel vodka, slept in my car, stayed at a ski resort, went to parties, slept on couches and in my make-up, played cute and witty, fell out with people, cried and made up... I was sworn to secrecy, whispered promises, and faced with declarations, you name it. I have said things I never thought I would say, but in the name of inspiration the words just came out. I have also been writing poetry, in French for a change.

Manawai - Endless Summer from Andro Kajzer, via Vimeo

I had a little time left to work, to think deeply about the meaning of life and to book a trip as a volunteer to the Matang Wildlife Center in Sarawak, Borneo, although whether or not I will actually make the journey is another matter.

As you can see, I have been busy revisiting my life, questioning some of the values that used to be dear to my heart, and generally embraced free-spiritedness. It's been fun, hectic, exhilarating and sometimes downright upsetting. But there is no stopping me and I can honestly say that I have come a long way since first setting foot on the island of Corsica 24 months ago. Roll on 2012!