5 Dec 2009

Any More Clues Anyone?

As indicated in my previous post, La Baguette Magique is about to embark on another life-changing journey which (sic) ‘will uproot us from the relative familiarity of our base in the North West of England for a road less travelled, slightly off the beaten track, two seas and hundreds of miles away’.

Our mini-adventure will start off as a 3-day road trip across a variety of landscapes, from the Cheshire plains down the M6 corridor, southeast-bound for the white cliffs of Dover and across the English Channel onto the European continent…

Thank you 'berry' much to my pretty garden!

Another clue, added on Twitter on 1st December, divulged an idea of the geological relief which our final destination will encompass: ‘mountain and the sea as horizons, a palette of blues that won't give you the blues... A traditional setting for a holiday!’ By deduction (and with a little guidance from the writer!) we may well be talking blue skies set against a coastal and alpine landscape.

Taking this information on board, our next and final clue will praise the merits of the cooking of this particular region: earthy and simple, yet the top notch of comfort food, where a strong Italian influence holds pride of place. It will deliver one of the best pancetta the carnivorous amongst you will ever sample, but don’t forget sunshine staple items like the remarkable tomatoes, peaches, apricots, citrus fruit and olives… And if you are familiar with this blog, you should be able to guess my mystery destination without much difficulty! As for the rest of you, now may be the time to revisit and re-acquaint yourself with my earliest articles…

The first person to give me the name of my mystery destination will win a 3-month sponsorship deal, with link-up to their own blog/ website/ Twitter site prominently featured on La Baguette Magique, with additional Twitter buzz and promotional features! Closing date for entries is Monday 14th December at 11:00pm GMT*. Good luck!

* {The competition is now closed.}