31 Oct 2013

A Date with the Halloween Guys!

Come on, we do like to flirt with a little controversy over here on La Baguette! And what's more appropriate to set the date than Halloween? Are you up for it? Dare to introduce that somewhat elusive edgy boyfriend that makes your heart aflutter, that slightly scary-looking 'squeeze' that makes you feel as high as a kite, to the parents and/ or to those conservative biased friends of yours... Tis the night to go the full hog, emancipate those stuffy principles, challenge those unspoken limits, push and shake the clichés, and twist and turn the boundaries around what defines boyfriend material from the rest. Meditate, then take a deep breath, stay cool, calm and collected and take the dare. Expect the odd reservation, timid nod and suspicious glance from your folks, actually they need a little time to adjust. But bear in mind that they might turn out to like loverboy after all and end up getting on with him like a house on fire! Bonus!

You know I know that you know... How mum disapproves of tattoos and long hair on men, and how dad can't stand music that strays one note away from jazz, and that he associates a motorbike owner with the Hell's Angels.... Too bad! Tis the night to prove them wrong. Because often behind the crazy off-centre image, behind the apparent hard-to-crack shell is a good guy with a little insecurity, either still looking for himself or out to stand out to show all and sundry that his exterior is a reflection of his interior: creativity unleashed. Take Rob Zombie: he's definitely one of them... And - despite not being everyone's cuppa - he is definitely cool, edgy and talented! I've got my eye on him! Happy Halloween, you lot!

Rob is as hot as a real life zombie + he's a singer and film-maker!
Benefit Cosmetics via Twitpic

29 Oct 2013

Inspire Aspire - Shall We Move Mountains?

The other day, a friend of mine asked me: "How do you eat an elephant?" What an incongruous question to both a staunch vegetarian and elephant devotee - I thought - but it piqued my curiosity nonetheless. As I coudn't come up with anything remotely clever or tongue-in-cheek, I just shrugged my shoulders, waiting for some exciting off-limit far-fetched smart answer. Ha-ha then I got it... Wait for it: "One bite at a time" was the answer!

Come to think of it, it's like this clever little infographic here that humbly claims to help us better our lives with easy simple steps. And by easy, I mean no gimmicks, no super IQs, no high-tech, no psycho babble nonsense. Just one bite at a time.

Here's the deal: by starting small, one step at a time, you will move mountains. It's by starting with the little things that we will make those noticeable improvements. A little introduction of sorts to greater things like A Course in Miracles or Gabrielle Bernstein's 'May Cause Miracles'. Cool stuff!

Source: Lifehack >> Click on the link for higher definition.

4 Oct 2013

Inspire Aspire - Huh, "Too Old", Did You Say?

Ok let me rephrase that: you've just told me for the umpteenth time that your life isn't fulfilling, you're not happy, you feel stuck, it feels like you're missing something, and you want more! OK I get it. And now in the same breath, you're telling me you're too old? Too old to turn over a new leaf and start over a new life... Too old to take up a new hobby, learn a new skill... Too old to take up travel, venture out, change your ways, shake up your routine... Too old to shake up that booty out of the comfort zone and shimmy down the road to a lifechanging moment... Huh, and you * really * want me to buy that and go down your list of excuses cos I bet you've got more? Like you were born in the wrong country, or you're scared of catching some disease, or you have too many freckles on your nose... Huh?

Thing is you're reading this and I bet my bottom Dollar you're not even 35 years of age... I gotta rest my case. Please though do read this amazing bio summary piece written by Louise Hay in her latest newsletter to date entitled "Your Future Is Always Bright", and I promise that you're in for a reality check!

And as a P.S. please remember that we are the ones responsible for creating our own boundaries and limitations. So if you are desperate for that change in your life, tell your mind to shut up and kick excuses in the teeth! Then, to paraphrase Nike's motivational mantra, just do it! You won't get any wishy-washy sympathy from me. You can do it for sure and I'll see you on the other side! High five!

Nike T-Shirt Design by Mats Ottdal, via Typedeck and Designspiration

P.P.S: Age is no excuse and it's never been too late for Fred Beckey to live his passion either! An accomplished mountain climber, he tackled the Dolomites for the first time at the tender age of... 89!