12 Jan 2013


It might feel like it was only yesterday when you dusted glitter off your shoulders and complained about that dear old Auntie's Violet Creams, yet 'the season to be merry' is now back on hold for another ten months. You might still pick up the odd firtree needle off the living room carpet with secret nostalgia, when only a couple of weeks ago you couldn't wait for Christmas to be gone.

The New Year's resolutions that were merrily tipsily divulged on the cusp of the New Year have nothing but vanished if not been vanquished. And as if last month's spending indulgence were not enough, the January sales have sent some of us into a quick frantic spin, only to be caught up by the dreaded January blues. Drab weather hasn't helped the cause and neither has that momentary lapse in commercial/ emotional/ creative activity until the next celebration... Fear not, because before you can catch your breath and check your teeth, Valentine's Day, Mothers Day, Easter and all the birthdays and anniversaries that this year has to offer will recapture the collective psyche and fill those currently blank diary pages!

Happy 2013 everyone!

Sources: (1) via Cardigans & Cookies. (2) 'With Love' grey paper tape (10m), by Rockett St George.