26 Dec 2012

My Best of 2012

As 2012 is coming to a close and before we race into those New Year's resolutions, we would be none the wiser to take a deep breath, stand back and reflect. Take stock of the last twelve months with an open mind and heart. Be kind to ourselves and see how far we've come since our last New Year's resolutions, the mileage we've clocked both on the map and in our heads, what we expected to happen back then and what actually happened. Just do it and be amazed!

If I remember right, back in late December 2011, my wishes for 2012 were simple. To get more involved at work on the plant cultivation side of the business, enjoy the beach and this island more, meet interesting folks, and be happy. Those who know me are aware of how crucial this elusive notion of happiness actually is for me! I was also planning to travel to Sarawak and although this hasn't yet happened, it has planted the seed of travel firmly in me.

Via Designspiration

To get into the mood for the fabulous potentialities of the New Year ahead, I even treated myself to a detailed and personalised 80+ page astrology report from top UK astrologer Jonathan Cainer. Despite this, my 2012 journey was chaotic to say the least but it brought me closer to my own truth, worth, expectations and delivery, in terms of friendships. A couple of apparently kindred friendships got tested to the limit and shed as a result. Once upon a time, I might have hung onto those girls in that desperate bid to keep cool, but where's the cool in people who seek to play games you are not willing to play, tarnish your halo, suffocate that inner flame or mold you into someone you will never be?

My success story for 2012 is called Kathy and originates from Manchester. Kathy's my best friend and soul mate. Our story is convoluted and I might relate it one day if I decide to pen my memoirs, but for the time being I will just say that back in the day we were firm friends with a rock chick penchant, and when our lives took a turn, we suddenly lost touch, without hard feelings. I guess we had to find ourselves before we could find each other again. The process took years.

Source: Laws of Modern Man

A little while back I traced Kathy down the social network and about four months ago I plucked the courage to contact her that way. The timing felt right. We haven't looked back since! To be truthful it feels like we have never been apart, if anything we have actually grown closer. We are part of each other's lives like never before and she's my absolute confidente. Despite being hundreds of miles apart, we are brought together by the wonders of Skype. We're planning to meet up soon. Kathy is my best of 2012!

So here we go. My best of 2012 has that definite human flavour to it and may it continue in 2013! Now how about you? What 2012 achievements are you most proud of? Drop me a line and let me know!