30 Jun 2012

Sunny Side Up with Origami Hen!

Barren battery cages and thirty seconds... Thirty seconds is all it takes for this short animation film to hit it on the head by dishing out a handful of grim facts about battery hen cruelty. It clearly implies that organic is a healthier option for the birds.

Think about it: paying that little bit extra for your eggs will secure that extra leeway for the hens in terms of legroom, natural light and a taste for the outdoors where they will be able to express natural behaviour, foraging for food, having a dust bath and generally enjoy the freedom to roam.

Welfare eggs come at a price, so make sure you make the commitment for the sake of the birds. In doing so, you will help add further pressure against unethical industrial farming that yields those cheap mass-produced eggs. Support Compassion in World Farming's Big Move to help 'unfold a better future for hens' and pressure those countries like Spain and the US that still disrespect their legal rights! Don't you agree that hens, the suppliers to our full English breakfasts, sauces, custards, ice-creams and other delights deserve their lives to be that little eggstraordinary?