1 Sept 2010

Happy First Anniversary!

01/09/2009 - 01/09/2010: One blog, one writer, two countries, 83 posts, one Jack Russell Terrier mascot, and limitless inspiration!

La Baguette Magique is celebrating its first anniversary today! It has come a long way since the collection of homelife-dedicated writings which I started in July 2009 after watching an inspirational Martha Stewart biopic (Martha, Inc.). I then collated the articles into a handy blog format, as per my partner's suggestion, and the blog grew organically from there to over 80 posts to date!

Source: Piped-Rose Cupcakes by Martha Stewart
The topics I was passionate about soon enough transcended homely food and entertaining, to embrace lifestyle at large, shopping and retail, fashion trends, design, pets, ecology, travel, and inner thoughts.

Alongside copywriting, I have dedicated countless fun hours to researching ideas and improving on what would essentially be a 'labour of love in progress' (look, no work connotations!): the brand identity with its slight retro feel, the HTML tweaks and turns, the photography (another hobby of mine) that I would then elaborate upon with props, settings, and the photographer's innate untold message.

With La Baguette, there I was (am): simply myself. Never pretending to be some superwoman I am not, never fooling my readers with tales of extravagant lifestyles (there are better-qualified bloggers out there for this!). You see, my mission is simple: to write about what I know best, what makes me tick, let the narrative unfold, the words create the *magique*, let the poetry permeate this tiny corner of the net, make you - the reader - stop by and linger some more. This blog is an indulgence: I please myself and I hope I please you too.

Since I started putting pen to paper as a young child, I have never stopped writing: letters, poems, songs, fairytales, unrequited love stories, travel logs, philosophical essays, slightly unhinged Ray Carver-inspired short stories, rock n' roll/ silver screen cartoon biopics, a 200-page dissertation in my final year at University, countless project/ research papers for work, marketing material, advertising copy...

Writing has always been second nature to me. I may be a woman of few words in a social situation, but I am no less an acute social observer, a thinker (an analyst even!), a writer and - I would love to think - a wordsmith who loves words.

As La Baguette is looking forward to the next year milestone, I thank all my readers for your following. There are many reasons to rejoice together, including the fact that in the face of adversity, La Baguette has provided me anchorage and focus to persevere. It has also given me clout and a sense of testimony within the blogosphere and the world of online publishing in general. I hope it has delivered to you what you were looking for in a blog, in terms of contents, information, tone and visuals. As always your comments and suggestions are most welcome!

On another note, some great news I would like to share with you: the design blog project which I mentioned to you last year in A Taste for Design is still taking shape, despite being sadly delayed. I have been working on its contents and, although I am unable at this stage to advise you of when it will go live, I promise it won't be 'just another design blog'... Stay put for now on the design front, we are on our way with the goods!

In the meantime, corks out and bottoms up for La Baguette Magique's first year, this is one beautiful achievement indeed!

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